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REBOZO negro vino

50 EUR35 EUR

Grand châle mexicain fabriqué, tissé et coloré à la main, il peut contenir jusqu'à 7200 fils.
Sa longueur permet de le porter de divers manières ; comme porte bébé, comme le font les femmes mexicaines; ou comme écharpe.

Composition : 100% coton.
Conseils : lavage à la main et séchage naturel.

longueur: 260 cm
largeur: 68.5 cm              

En l'achetant vous soutenez une famille d'artisans de Michoacan, qui continue de vivre uniquement de son artisanat.
Le modèle correspond à celui de la première photo.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


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Callejon Belisario Dominguez, 15
Coyoacan, MEXICO
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MESHICA DF is a mexican brand of accessories and clothes created by an international couple mixing french lifestyle and pre-hispanic colours. 
Envolving in the mexican culture and connecting with traditional artisans, it is in different forms of expression that the brand finds its inspiration.
 By travelling, taking pictures and meeting people all around the world, Meshica DF is creating its own style.

The idea is to mix contemporary materials with traditional handmade crafts, to create clothes that you can use in your daily life and feel connected with mexico and its traditional way of life.

Our objective is to work directly with artisans and give them the oportunity to have access to bigger markets. Artisanal crafts need to be recognized for its quality and the work it demand; A piece of handmade craft can require until 10 hours of work. In Meshica D.F. we believe that traditions and ancestrals know how have their place in this world of globalisation and thanks to our fair trade, artisans will defend their living conditions and Mexico its culture. 




Don't hesitate in contact us --<3 meshicadf@gmail.com